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How to earn from blogging in 2020

I have been looking for a way to make money from blogging business but it seems hard.

A lot of people have told me am making 6figurea out of online business but me I ahvw not find a secret until this early 2020 that I finally find out that what their do to make money.

In this post am going to share with you a good way to make money from blogging and also how you can start earning like a pro

But before I show you u want to clear some misconception about blodlgfing as business
In every business you must spend money to make money weather you likes it or not, so blogging is not  excepted.

Now let's begin


Google adsence is one of the most common bloggers income. It is the act of displaying ads on your blog and get paid from google.

Many blogger are not interested in google adsence because it is actually becoming harder to make money from adsence without a traffic source.

If you want to make money from Google adsence, then make sure your blog attracts traffic.

Traffic is the amount of visitor you get to your blog. It is so frustrating if aftrr publishings a well written article and no visitors or reader.

My blog was having the Same issue until I got this free eBook package I recommend for every blogger.

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 you tried affiliate marking and it did not work because you are not doing it right.
Affiliate is one of the major source if income for every blogger. I was going through search engine page when I found out a  software that has the ability to generate leads, sales and directions on how to make 6figurs a month. Check it Affiliatepro

Now if you are a newbie in Affiliate marketing field, follow this steps to start today.

Find any affiliate site or product to promote and sin up for a partnership.

Put the Affiliate link you generated from the site and paste it in your site where your visitors can see it like homepage, sidebars.

Promote the product on Facebook groups, pages, and other social network with a detials of your product.

Run a Facebook ads to promote your Affiliate product and blog to a targeted audience.

Do this and more and start generating figure every day.

there are two things in terms of product
One: you have your own product.
Two: you are selling other peoples product (Affiliate).

Now we have talked about selling other peoples product, let's now discuss about selling your own product.

If you have produced a product, the like ebooks, software, inforgraphics or what so ever, you can promote them in verious ways.


1. Email marketing

A very good friend no mine is making huge amount through email marketing.
. Email marketing is one of the best ways to generate trust and relationship from customers
 . You can also generate  leads, sales and traffic from email marketing.
. Email marketing helps you to build conversions by turning just a mere blog or website visitors to a potential customers.

2. Share your production social medias:
One of the best way to advertise your product is by sharing on your Facebook page, group or profile.
I recently introduce a software that has been making $2000 for me called profilehustle you can try it and change your finance.

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