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How To Begin Blogging business in 2020 (blogger)

Blogging is not hard to start but it takes lots of hard work to make it popular and fruitful.

But, In this post I will help you on how to start a blog as a PRO, runs it for a while and start making a reasonable income.

Now before I go further I want to let you know that blogging is good only when you have a targeted audience and generate traffic ( visitors) from them.

1. First I will take you through on how to open a new blog (BLOGGER) but if you have done that you can skip to the next.

Now let's begin

1. First Go to your browser and type "how to open the blog on blogger"

2. Locate and click to open a new blog through a Gmail.

Then enter your blog name that you want it to bear and select a theme (Template).
Then click on open NEW BLOG

REMEMBER: the name of the blog will still be under


But if you want to change that then you need to buy s new domain from company's that sell domain names like

If you still need help on how to fix your new domain, contact me through my Gmail or contact form.

After that you are done with opening your new blog, now it is time to start running it.

2. Start writing awesome content
Look for NEW POST and click on it to start writing your first blog post.

Write the headline which is the title of the post.

 When you are done with that, start
writing whatever you want to share with your targeted audience.

Upload pictures in your articles to make it more understandable, to your readers.

How do you upload pictures on your blog post?

First look at the top side of your blog, under the title or headlines you will see different characters to help you in composing your Articles.

Look for GALARRY or ALBUM SIGN  which is after LINK, click on it.

A new window pop where you can upload an image from your device, blog, google album achieve will appear.
Select your choice and you are done with the image upload.

When you are done with your articles look at the right side, then you will see symbols which represent the following:
description and

Click on the first which is LABEL and write the category post belongs.
For example, it can be under business, fashion, tech, sport and so on...

When you are done click on the permalink and change it to the customer because that will help your blog SEO for ranking.

Now go to the description which is the most important aspect as far as blogging is a concern,

Here you are going to write about the content of your post in short form.
This also helps the search engine optimize your post content for ranking also.

Also read: Advance Title Tag and Meta Description for SEO

Another thing that is mist challenging is

3. how to gain visitors(TRAFFIC) to your new blog

Generating traffic is the challenge evert blogger must face but here is how you can overcome.

First, after writing tour awesome content, share it on social media like facebook,  twitter, quora, ane popular media.
Here is a detailed post for that

How to skyrocket blog traffic

Blogging is a business that can start with little capital and make money from it even without adsence.

what you need to do is just to make it popular and create visitors that will keep on feeding on your content.

If you want to writ to us then contact through our Gmail, whatever you want like backlink or contributions then you are welcome.


  1. Nice blog. You have explained everything handily. I was surfing on "how to earn online", and I am motivated now to start my blog. You have mentioned in your blog that getting traffic is the most challenging job for a new blogger. To start earning from a blog is more complicated. How can we earn from a blog without Google ad-sense?

    Thanks and Regards,

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    The ways of making it through blogging is affiliate marketing, selling content in form of eBook, and many others

  3. Thanks for your reply. Can you please explain, how can we sell our content in the form of the ebook? Like what are the ways to start selling our content?


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