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how to sell products on Instagram and Facebook

You really want to make money from your social networks like Facebook and Instagram but don't know how to do it.
Here is a comprehensive guide on how to leverage your time for financial independence through Facebook and Instagram.

So many people have an awesome product to sell to a larger number of people around the world but there can't get people to convince to make a purchase,  that is because of the large number of scammers on the social network.

But here is the case "who can sell on Facebook or Instagram"
The truth is that anybody can sell on Facebook or Instagram but for that to happen you need to make sure people build trust on you.
Make sure you are real by taking care of your Facebook or Instagram profile. upload your real picture and your business or product on your profile and cover picture.

Furthermore To make money in any social network, building trust, recognition by joining popular pages or groups related to your product.

1. Create a great post or video

Share the idea of what you want to sell, by creating a unique content or video about the product.

Give value first. you build your buyer by giving them value. They will buy later on from you without hesitation.

If you try to sell first, you might succeed but your conversion ratio will be definitely worse. And highly doubt that your accounts will grow as fast as if you were giving value first to your followers.

Try to give them content for free. Something new or with a different perspective. Create contest etc. Engage with them, reply to every single comment.

The easiest way to get that done is by sharing the details of the product, how it can help solve a problem or its functions, how to use it either in your video or post.

Start advertisement

You could create a product and try and make ads for it on Facebook. Get a hold of some courses about this, there are a few good ones out there.

Affiliate marketing

Sell products or services

Become an Influencer

Make Instagram or Facebook courses

Start a digital marketing agency

Whatever you choose, be ready to invest time and/or money. Depends on your own skills, but take time to learn and master, product research, audience research, copywriting and marketing.

people have a good product to sell needs ads if you haven't build any page or groups with reasonable members.

A huge benefit of Facebook ads is that you can target a specific audience based on where they live, age, gender, and interests.

Or, you can also advertise to your followers and their friends if you choose as well.

You can also monitor the people reached and the number of engagements

Create facebook live video about your product

If you’re not camera shy, Facebook Live can be another fun way to build a personal brand. Maybe you create videos that show how you’re working from home or using a product in real-time. Or, you can host a live question and answer session where the live viewers message their questions and you answer them live.

Commit and stay focussed

Every group has different selling policies so make sure you read the group guidelines before you post. Otherwise, the group moderators can delete your post or remove you from the group.

Objective (Do you want to interact with your audience or make sales?)

Audience (Target a specific audience or not?)


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