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The history of GSM and Phone network

GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communication. It originated from analog cellular telephone system, which was developed in 20th century in Europe, United Kingdom, France and Germany.
The GSM research responsible was transferred  to the European Telecommunication Standard Institute (E. T. S) in 1989 which ultimately published the phase one of GSM specifications in 1990. Commercial service started in 1991.

The Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) telecommunication system has grown with 36 GSM networks in 22 countries of the world. Now there are more than 200 GSM in more than 100 countries. It has become one of the latest technology of this generation which enable people to talk with their loved ones,  business associates, friends and so on. 

Your GSM is not only to make and receive calls, but also for business transaction, chatting, sending and receiving messages, listening to videos, music, pictures news,browsing the internet, and many other things.

How to identify original phone buying:

Just dail *#06# 
1. A number will display on your phone screen 
2. All Nokia and Sendo phones will display series number.
3. While other phones including China phones will display IMEI (i.e International Mobile Equipment Identities) 


*The number must begin with 4th 35, except IPhone which must start with 01

*make sure the number is up to 15 digits. 

*Finally, make sure the number that display is the same with the one at the back of your battery.

How to identify original Android phones
   Dail *#*#4636#*#*
The phone is going to display the following 
1. The phone information 
2. Battery information 
3. User statistices 
4. WIFI statistics 

How to convert Android phones to blackberry 
If you want to convert your phone to Blackberry  just dail this code 

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