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The Basic Mobile Banking Idea in Nigeria Network

This is good news to Glo subscribers. From the Menu of your cell phone "magic plus" (OK) select M-Banking and press OK.
Select check balance from the option and press OK, then enter the name of your bank in the space provided in abbreviation form example Guarantee Trust Bank-GTBank and than press OK. Enter your passcode in the provided space.  Note you have to consult your M-Banking passcode after you have entered the passcode, all you need will displace on your cell phone screen.

Mobile Banking Money Transfer
T hi S feature enables you to transfer money from one bank to another and it is for all GSM networks, but it is mostly supported by GLO network.
All you need to do is, go to your bank and request for M-banking registration form.
After filling the form, they will give you a code that will automatically get you connected.

For GLO subscribers, scroll to "magic-plus" select M-Banking than go to transfer and select. Enter the name of your bank into the space provided and press OK. Then enter your account number the space provided and also press OK.

Your account number must not be more than eleven digits.

Then enter the name of the bank you want to transfer money to and the persons account number in the provided space and press OK.  Enter the amount to want to transfer in the space provided and then press ok again.  In less than 20 seconds, you will receive a confirmation text.

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