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How to open savings account with your mobile phone

In this post am are going to talk about how you can open savings account with your mobile phone from anywhere in Nigeria.
This post compresses of different bank and there code which you can use to create the account.

1. Diamond Bank (MTN subscribers only)
Dail *710# and send
An option will popup for you to select, Than select option one, send/OK. You can also use it to confirm your sine registration details.

2. Access Bank (Airtel subscribers only)
Dial *903# send, you will see welcome to access money, wait a little than your name will appear, than select option one 1 press send/OK.

3.GTB (etisalat subscribers only)
Press *737*0# send. Then enter your surname and OK,  next enter your last name and OK,  next select 1and OK and your account name will be sent to you shortly.

4. EcoBank (GLO subscribers only)
Press *326# send and select option 1, than follow the options carefully and your account number will be send you you shortly.

5. Zenith Bank Plc
To create saving_ account with zenith bank, dail *966# and send.
Than you will be ask to press OK to go to main many,  than press OK and follow the option carefully  to create your account successfully.

5. Stanbic Bank
Press *909# and send.
Follow the procedure carefully and create your account.

Bonus Tip:
 How to cut flashers credit
Just dail **21*174 follow by the flashers number than # and send, from then anytime
the number  flash you, they money must be removed.
Now if you want to cancel it DAIL ##21# then send.
NOTE: it is not all phone that accept this code. Some phone will bare all incoming calls.

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