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How to connect your phone to gprs and internet browsing

MTN: To enjoy mtn sights and sound, all you need to do is just get a multimedia mobile phone that supports GPRS.
activate your phone by typing the word SETTING in an SMS and send to 3888 at not cost, then wait for reply there are some phones that can only be set up manually. If your phone is one of them, all you need is to enter the following information as applicable on your phone.
How to connect your phone to internet browsing application to MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and ETISALAT, etc.
Your hand set must have either web;  WAP or GPRS meaning your phone have the facility to browse.

Procedure for MTN
Scroll to your message, type SETTINGS and send to 3888, immediately, you will receive a short message with a code send back the make and model of the phone to the code you are connected. Congratulations your phone GPRS and Internet Browsing is setup with your MTN.

how to connect your phone to internet on Airtel.
In other to connect your phone to internet with your AIRTEL sim card:
Go to message in your phone, text internet, give space - type of phone space bar - model of the phone to 232.
Internet NokiaN70 send to 232.

check AD
How to connect your phone to internet on GLO.
On like other network text the type of phone without a space, model of phone  and send it to 927

nokia6230 to 927.

Type settings to 790

How to configure your phone to access GPRS WAP manually on ETISALAT, MTN, AIRTEL. 

Etisalat(manuel method)

Go too your phone settings, than enter the internet settings  or mobile network, click on access  point I'd you are Android user and than fill the place with the following informations.
Enter the name: Etisalat Ng
Enter the APN: etisalat
Leave the Proxy line blank
Leave the Port line blank
Leave the Username line blank
Leave the Password line blank
Leave the Server line blank
Enter the MMSC: the MMS Proxy:
Enter the MMS Port: 8080
Enter the MCC: 61
Enter the MNC: 60
Leave the Authentication line blank
Enter the APN type: default, supl, mms
Enter the APN protocol: Ipv4
Enter the APN roaming protocol: Ipv4 And Leave all the remaining lines blank.

MTN (Manual method) 

Go to your home page and type as follows
Account name: mtn gprs
IP Address: 10, 199, 212, 002
Port:  8080
User name: web
Pass code: web
Access point name(APN)

AIRTEL (manual method) 

Home page:
Proxy gateway:
Access point:
User name: mms
Proxy point: 8080

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