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100% Free Content Marketers Optimization TOOLS

Well, digital marketing is so broad that it deserves many marketing tricks and tactics to scale through to google search engine result page SERP ranking.

 The surefire way to win in content marketing and also your competitor for higher Search Engine Ranking Page is to use the right content optimization tools.

The tools help in finding the right keywords and take a blog article from the cementery of forgotten content to the first page of Google search results, leading more traffic to your blog or website

Recently, I publish posts to help young marketers work on they content to generate traffic that reward their marketing/networking effort.

11 Advanced Content Promotion Tools to Boost your Blog traffic

How to Optimize your Content for More Traffic

Now, Not to talk much on the above post, it is all related to content promotion tactic to advance your blog or website rank to the highest levels.
We’ve put together a list of tools that are valuable to marketers of all shapes and sizes So now let's dive in and start with simple, easy to use tools.


Ubersuggest: This tool is completely free and works by collecting auto-suggestions from Google searches. For example, when I type in “content” on Google, it suggests content management system, content marketing, content strategy, and Content Marketing Institute. Ubersuggest will present every possible variation according to the alphabet of each word you might type in. It collects this information for text searches on Google.com, as well as searches for images, news, shopping, video, and recipes — and it provides results in 40 different languages.


For content creators just getting their feet wet with SEO copy writing, tools like InboundWriter can provide guidance on keyword research as it is applied to a specific document. In both its WordPress plug-in and web form, InboundWriter offers topic research data from keyword and social media sources. It also suggests keywords to use in your optimization efforts


Moz is a software as a service (SaaS) company based in Seattle that sells inbound marketing and marketing analytics software subscriptions
Moz offers SEO tools that includes keyword research, link building, site audits, and page optimization insights in order to help companies to have a better view of the position they have on search engines and how to improve their ranking.

#Google Search console

Google Search console is a wonderful tools indexing and site visibility.

It see what keyword and sites that is  searches and visited  on Google which led to the site being listed in the SERPs, and also the click through rates of such listings. Previously named 'Search Queries'; rebranded by May 20, 2015 to 'Search Analytics' with extended filter possibilities for devices, search types and date.

It also Check the security issues if there are any with the website. (Hacked Site or Malware Attacks).
Add or remove the property owners and associates of the web property.

Check and set the crawl rate, and view statistics about when Googlebot accesses a particular site.

Write and check a robots.txt file to help discover pages that are blocked in robots.txt accidentally.


SEMrush: If you ever wanted to know what keywords your competitors (or any site) had visibility for on Google, this tool helps answer that question. The research tools are divided into groups

AdSense finds publishers and advertisers.

Backlinks helps you research who is linking to you, or your competition.

Keyword Research lets you find suggestions of keywords for use in website optimizations

Advertising Research shows competitor PPC ads.

Organic Research shows keyword rankings on Google.

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#Raven Tools
According to raven, their tools are able to provide prospective SEO clients with detailed SEO audits repit's that show progress over time
Analyze organic performance of your SEO campaign. Identify potential backlink success, manage and report your progress. Create white-label reports with performance metrics from Google Analytics, Search console, facebook, Adwords, Bing ads and more..


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