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SEO TIPS: How to Optimize your Blog Post for better Traffics

SEO Tips on how to optimize blog post that boost views

Producing content without it's optimisation is really a mistake that most marketers does,  But with that in mind.... In this post  am going to share with you an awesome ways to optimize your blog post not only for google algorithm but also for your readers to enjoy and still come back for more...Lol.

Note that this list doesn't cover every single SEO tip. Rather, these tips are meant to get you started with improving SEO for your blog post  in particular. You can also chech this Advanced SEO Tricks for more insight.

Content is a marketing word that refers to blog post or articles. Content is what every marketers sales, invest and also write.

But before we dive into the main points..... let's look at some helpful factors on how to write high quality content that is capable of boosting your website traffics.
  • Keep your article or post simple by sticking to a single topic
  • Do not use much big grammars in your post
  • write long form of content with images or inforgraphic for better understanding

#Now let's go into the main SEO tips for blog post otimization

1. Internal Linking

Internal link is a clickable hyper link that helps readers to navigate through a blog or website searching for more knowledge and answers to their burning questions.

It is an important On-Page SEO, It has to do with satisfying your customers and also improving user experience (UX) for Customers navigating through your site researching from one web page to another,


 When you click a link in a webpage that takes you directly to another webpage of the same domain, it helps satisfy you the more and also directly telling google that the site has high valued content and it's Worth's surfacing in search engine result page features.

#Importance of Internal link

 Internal links allow users of the website to navigate from one webpage to another web page or resource of the same domain.

 Internal links help users surf the Internet as well as having Search engine optimization (SEO) value.

Internal linking allows for good website nagivation and structure and allows search engines to crawl or spider websites

2. Targeting Long Tail Keyword

Long tail keyword is word or phrases used for natural keyword that customers search, In other words, they're more specific and often less competitive than generic keyword terms.
Long-tail keywords reveal the content marketing sweet spot - the intersection between what potential customers are typing into the search engine vs. what they really want.
And that’s where SEO tips on long-tail keywords come in according to Nailpetal. They’re long-tail not only because they contain three or more words, but also because of their nature and the thought process behind them

#Importance of long tail keywords

It helps to generate lead and customer conversions

it also help to generate organic traffic

3. Optimizing your site Images, Vidoes, and  Inforgrapics

Blog posts shouldn't only contain text, it should also include images, or videos that help explain your content.
Videos,Images and Inforgraphics has good role to play in every content published on web, In recent study that analysed in detail 1 million Google search results concluded that pages with at least one image had better rankings than content with no images.

Search engines can’t interpret and understand images or videos as easily as they can process textual content, that is were image and video otmization plays important roll. for more details visit Search Engineland on  How to Properly optimize image or vdoes site.

In wordpress you can just install ewww image optimizer while in blogger you can easily optimize it by clicking on the image before editing, such as properties, sizes.

Importance of Images or videos on blog post SEO Tips

 They make your content more interesting and this means visitors are more likely to actually read your article.

 Content with relevant images gets 94% more views thereby boosting site  traffics

Readers are more likely to share a page with image(s) in social media

4. Write Irresistibly Headlines

Creating amazing,epical and eye-catching headline for your blog post is a huge component of their marketing strategy.
  Incorporating your Headlines with keyword, that is  action-oriented words, numbers, questions or other factors that are sure to capture a reader’s eye on social media or in SERP.

Title Tag or Headlines is very important because it’s the one chance you have to entice a search result into a click onto your website.

Good Advantage of writing Irresistible headline as SEO Tips is a direct impact on organic click-through rates,

Also SEO experts believe also that higher click-through rates correlate with higher organic search engine rankings.


SEO tip is important for every website owners as it optimizes your blog post worthy for search engine algorithm for searchers to always visite.

What do you find is most effective when it comes to content marketing, SEO? Let us know by commenting below


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