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5 Advanced SEO Tricks to Doubles blog social share 100% easy

SEO tricks for social shares

Everyone wants to get more traffic and recognition about his product. In fact, So many companies depends on creating content without minding the search engine optimization aspect hoping that it will generate traffic.

though  63% of marketers in Hub study says
 increasing organic visibility (Traffic) and lead is still the top challenge
bloggers never leverage they marketing opportunity by optimizing their site for search engine before jumping into traffic and social share. That is why google algorithm seems not to be showing they content in Search Engine Result Page features.

But before going into the main SEO trick, there are important factors that need to be considered about blogging that many people are not aware off and end up giving up.

Blogging is all about consistency and hard-work with a patient.

Blogging about a particular niche is better than blogging about everything.

Blogging is constantly changing because of search engine algorithm update. so you must change alongside.

Blogging is not all about copy and pest (duplicate content) but involves sharing personal experience and knowledge.


there are so many SEO tricks to implement in your marketing tacyics that is capable of giving good signal to Google algorithm that your content is awesome.
but among all let's consider the important ones but that does not mean that others are not important as well.

#Emotional content that attracts readers attention

Now let me remind you that blogging and marketing have changed in a way that customers know what they want, how they want it....but your job is to satisfy them the way their wants it.

Writing content is good but when it's not emotional and understandable, your readers will easily get bored and run out of your site for good.....Lol

To Optimize your content emotional for readers you need to be able to:

1. tell stories in your content

2. Avoid grammatical errors

3. Write long form content with images or infographics. 

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#Keep your URL Readable

URL (Uniform Resource Locator): its a name given to your website address known as IP ADDRESS.

It describes a site or page to visitors and search engines. Keeping them relevant, compelling, and accurate is the key to ranking well.

URL increase brand awareness and traffic by telling people what the site is all about.

For example Content marketing institute has good URL that represents what the site offers as www.contentmarketinginstitude.com.

The more readable your URL by humans the better even for the search engine. I have soon so many sites that has complicated URL that is hard to recall, very long. this has an effect on SEO value and also slow site loading.

#How to write awesome URL

1. Use keyword in your URL:

 Using keywords in your URL make it easier for the human eyes that see your URL on Social Media or in an email to understand what you are linking them to

2. The shorter your URL the better both for easy recall and understandable the better

3. Keep it readable for human and search engine to increase your SEO value.

#Optimize your Title and Meta tag

Often you may have come across content sharing knowledge on the best title tag and meta description for SEO as an important aspect of search engine optimization factors.
the fact still remains that, they contribute a lot in click-through rate and describe what content talked about.

Just  for more insight let's define them:

 Title tags and meta descriptions are bits of HTML code in the header of a web page. They help search engines and humans understand the content on a page.

A meta tag is also called Description tag, it's also an important SEO Trick that gives a short description of content or post on search engine result page (SERP).

#How to Optimize your site title tag and meta descriptions:

1. Place important keyword on your title and meta description

2. Always keep your title tag character between 60-64 and meta description to 150 - 154 characters.

3. Write convincing title to get more click.

4. Avoid keyword stuffing in title or meta descriptions

#Maintain optimal Keyword Density

Keyword density is also an SEO Trick to be careful of as overstuffing attracts google penalty while low frequency can cause low ranking.

Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page.

When optimizing your keyword density try to include them in

1. Headlines and description tags

2. Introductory part

3. Subheadings

#Optimize your Image

 Image SEO optimization is one of the building blocks of On page Search Engine Optimization.

Images are a strong visual component of a webpage that gives deeper explanation of what is being talked about.
Images contribute to site slow loading speed, when not optimized for SEO.

Therefore to get it optimized, whenever you upload a photo to your blog, be sure to include keywords in the file name and fill out the alternate text field with a brief, keyword rich description of the photo.


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