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How to Optimize your Content for More Traffic

how to optimize your content for more traffic
   Building familiarity with your customers needs to be one of the priorities in content investment which should be one of the content goal of every content producer. In many ways, content has been explained to meet with users intent for conversion.

There are so many useful contents on the web that is not really generating traffic as expected by the marketer, this is because generating content that attracts traffic is not only the production but also the marketing. Content that leads to traffic has to due with satisfying your customers with what they want.

   Like others post you see on the web, I have generated most useful aspect of optimizing your content for more traffic and building a relationship with your customers.

so let move on


In today's world of marketing user knows what they want and always go for it,  As you may know, that familiarity is the goal of good content, it is also building trust, a relationship that is ever lasting with your customers.

In January 1996 Bill Gate wrote an article title "content is the king" He said:

  "Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.”

This went viral and every marketer started to write high-quality content to drive traffic, it was every where on the web that content is the king but Bernadette Coleman, A Mozpro writer realize a comprehensive post on building content trust and familiarity that content isn't king. trust is  king; She gave a clear statement about familiarity and trust

check also
here is her statement

" People buy from people that they know, like, and trust. And if you haven't heard it yet, let me be the first to tell you that "familiarity" breeds trust."

   What am I saying; am trying not to neglect the fact that content is king; in fact, content is still ruling as one of the marketing tactics to get high quality backlink and also contribute a lot in building trust and familiarity to your site as far as the content is relevant and useful.

  Therefore the uniqueness of content can help you build familiarity by

Adding testimonials, case study: include testimonials to show the end result of your product, this is one of the ways of building customers trust and people will think: “If someone else has bought in the past and had a positive experience, there’s less chance that I’ll regret my purchase down the road.”

Build familiarity through user-generated content: According to Marketingprofs, people tend to trust educational information from company more if it includes a statement from named sources such as parent and Doctors.

 A lot of customers will only trust your content if it is generated by other users. User-generated content (UGC) is a huge trust factor in content.

 Building it by adding live chart: No one wants to do business with a company that isn’t actively supporting customers. Live chat shows visitors you are not only active, you have real people ready to help them right now

  Therefore, building trust with your customers can be done in many ways but the best is to choose marketing strategies that are working for your business because that may be the way you satisfy your customers.


 People make a mistake of writing what they want not what customers want, survey your customers; ask them what they are curious of, have their problems in mind and not yours.
 This is how you can produce a comprehensive content that answers their burning question and build more trust and familiarity with them{your customers}.

     So although you may want to write about how terrible your day was or how someone should do something about the lines at delis in grocery stores, that's not the kind of thing people will want to read. They want to read something that's written about the things they're thinking about. So ask yourself what concerns and delights your audience, then go from there."


 One of the thing marketer does is the inability to market their content after spending time and energy creating high quality content. Every piece of content should help the user know what to do next.

According to Neil Petal; the reason for failure in a marketing campaign is not because you can't create great content but that marketing is the issue.

He said:

      "Do you know why your content marketing campaign is going to fail? It's not because you can't write great content… it's actually because you don't know how to promote it. You can learn how to write great content, but if no one reads your content and links to it, there's no point in putting it out there."

  Therefore optimized content serves a greater purpose but in order to create that purpose, you must invite users to consume it.


   How do you optimize your content for vitality, what do you think about SEO, do you think that it is hard? then if you think so let me tell you that SEO- Search Engine Optimization work for your content visibility in search engine result page.

Therefore optimize your content for visibility in search engine result page by
  • Improving navigational (on page SEO) for more user experience.
  •  optimizing your image for search engine and social share.
  • Gaining authority backlink to your site.
  • optimizing site speed for faster loading time.
Therefore you don't have to be an expert to write content that is great for search engine optimization SEO


Write content that entertain educate and engages. Think like a publisher because you are know publishing news and educating people online.

One of the quickest/easiest ways to do that is to write content that answers common customer questions. because but it's incredibly useful and engaging for people seeking answers. Therefore a publisher educates and connects people to the answer of they burning questions.

     Don't put too much emphasis on your brand. The goal is to engage your visitors and in due time, your brand will get the proper recognition. Always put value in your content by telling them a useful story of other successful marketers that can create useful impart.
Traditional advertising is all about telling product story while content is all about telling peoples story.
 therefore, It's not enough to have content that is readable and no grammar mistakes. What matters is the substance of the content. What's in it for your visitors? What value will they get?


      According to Aj Kohn; he said: "Don't make your user work for your content" and am repeating it here do not make your user work for your content but optimize it to work for your customer, user or audience for more lead and traffic.

For that reason, don’t make that mistake. Create content with energy and passion, and the technical stuff will work itself out.

What do you find is most effective when it comes to content marketing? Let us know by commenting below!


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