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What is SEO - A Complete Definition

    SEO (search engine optimization) is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. It encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.

   SEO is not just all about having search engine friendly site but it also have to do with the site structure because this is what increases user experience (UX).


Google has so many ranking factor to determine the page that  appears first in search engine result page(SERP).

  Example Brain Dean the founder of Backlinko releases a comprehensive list of about Google's 200 ranking factors. to show that google has many ranking factors to work for.

 here is also comprehensive article on best search engine ranking factor you must know that increase traffic and boost search engine result page.

 so let's dive in


Backlink is a hyperlink from one web page to another web page

Quality backlink is now one of the google's SEO practice that is gaining priority as a ranking factor in search engine.

If  your content is relevant and will attract organic link juice from other site such content will naturally rank higher in search engine.

 link juice in a website improves domain authority,  crawl ability and trust of that website.

check on there are common backlink terms you should know

 Do-follow link
     Do-follow link is the main linking juice because it act as a vote to your site. It tells google algorithm that your content is great to surface in search engine result page.It is important link juice that increases search engine ranking and add value to your site.

<a href="URL">link Text</a>

no-follow link
     A real no follow backlink is added if the link is not from relevant or trusted website and this do not pass link juice to your site when added.
     Google do not count a no-follow link as vote to your site as they do not contribute to page ranking. 
    <a href="URL"rel="nofollow">link Text</a>

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Quality Content: 

      Quality content is not just all about content marketing but it goes beyond, it also involve understanding what search engine (Google) want and how it works.
  Create content that is unique, relevant and engaging for your customers to come back for and what answers their burning questions.

  Awesome content attracts natural backlink to a site and build high relationship with customers.

 How to write high quality content that drives traffic should be marketers focus as it make them standout and show the uniqueness of they product and services to the customers.

Internal link structure:

     Google are interested in how people spend time reading your article because that will give them signal that users love your content and product. If your content is not relevant and have high bounce rate it will assume that your content is not great enough and do not worth surfacing in search engine result page.

     Internal link increases user experience and help readers to navigate from one web page to another searching for result that educates and answer their burning questions.Google crawl a site with good internal link better than others.

  Make your site more crawl-able and increase your customers experience by applying internal link (on page SEO) correctly.

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Title tags:

      Title tag is the headline of a web page.it gives little insight about the content of page when typed in google search.

Title should be about 50-60 characters as suggested by google (600 pixels) but if it is more than they will not paneliz you but display only the first 50-60 characters.

 keyword stuffing in headlines is black hat seo that do not agree with google's rule and attract serious penalty, this can be avoided by placing keyword neither once in title tag (headline).

 Description tag

  Meta description is the HTML attribute that concise summaries of web page. it is underneath title tag (headline) of web page in search engine result page (SERP).
Meta description should be at least 160 character to give sufficient description of the content when searched.
    NOTE:  both title tag and meta description increase click through rate (CTL) when properly done.

Mobile friendly optimization:

      Google are now interested in mobile, as users increase daily which the majority of searchers uses smartphone than desktop device. It is working on your website for mobile users to find it when searched.

 In USA 94% of people with smartphones search for local information on there phones while 77% of mobile searchers occur at home or workplace where desktop computers are likely to be present

 White Hat vs Black Hat vs Gray Hat SEO

 Black Hat SEO:Is aggressive ranking tactics that don't abide by search engine rules. It focuses on ranking instead of the customers (Audience).

Gray Hat SEO: Gray Hat SEO is less aggressive than Black Hat SEO and more aggressive than White Hat SEO, it may or may not result in your site being banned from search engine and other affiliate site.

     White Hat SEO:are 100% natural SEO that agrees in google's term and condition. White hat SEO when  followed will not attract any  penalty.It is not aggressive like other SEO.


      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for marketers as it displays your web page first in search engine result page. It generates a lot of traffic to your site which your visitors can be converted to customers.
   For marketers SEO comprises how search engine works, what people searches, the keyword typed into search result which search engine are preferred by their target audience.

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