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Google Search Engine Ranking Factor To Influence your SEO

       In the world of marketing so many things has changed, every year marketers releases new  google search engine  ranking update according to their research.  They are always giving different chart about google ranking factors.

For example  moz search engine ranking factor for 2015 is different from 2016/2017 ranking factors. That is  because google's algorithm keeps on updating.
        They are some ranking factors that have not changed, factors that are more important than others are also  shared in this article that boost search engine result page (SERP)

so let go

            Over the years the authority of the domain has been one of the ranking factor in google search engine result page (SERP).
Google rank  pages that has domain authority  with deep links.
 Quality of the  link, matters in domain authority because it shows to google that your site is legit.   Quality of your content is also also boost domain authority and  googles ranking.

Domain name age  has some influence in your domain name authority.

Good domain has some factors like

- must be easy to remember
- catchy
- short (2-3 words )
- preferable ( .com, .net, .org, .edu domain )

Local business that registered their domain name in they country has  advantage of ranking higher in search engine result page of that country.


Great content is really important in googles ranking. Many marketers spend more time  on content writting than before and other SEO techniqus

  Great content can get you a lot of share in social media, backlinks and also retain customers in your  page.

         To produce awesome content you can read this guide on how to create high quality content  that  can improve your content writing and conversion rate


    Backlink are incoming hyperlink from one web page to another, it is also called inbound link or incoming link   Backlink is most effective way to grow your sit traffic and is vote of confidence from one site to another.

   Quality backlink is not easy to get from quality and authority site but they are ways you can get it which I shared in this article on how to get quality backlinks to your site free.

If a sites link to another website, search engine can conclude that such site has content that  worth surfacing on search engine result page (SERP).


   Click Through Rate (CTL) is how often people click your web page. It is important SEO factor.

  Increase in  CTL tells  google to displays a content to more users searching for that keyword.

   To increase your Click Through Rate,  awesome title tag and description tag. can help.

title tag

      title tag is the headlines of every wed page. It  gives a clue about what  is in your content.
 When people are convinced that your content is awesome they click to it.


 Description tag
    meta tag is the HTML that summarizes the content of a web page. It also contributes by convince your customers more about a page
  It gives the summery of your web page. 

  Yoast has a good article about how to create the right meta description that gets traffic.

        Google finally announce the effect of mobile  first indexing  of site on November 04, 2017
The use of mobile are increasing more than desktop and  sites that are mobile friendly ranks higher.

Google has also started penalizing site that is not mobile friendly.

   To check if your site is mobile friendly use google console mobile friendly test


           On page SEO really work when properly done, It helps in  long click
Long click is how  users spend time reading your content by navigating from one page to another.
      on page optimization helps google crawlebility for site traffic.

 Here is a comprehensive post on  7 on page seo ranking factors [updated]  that boosts google search engine result page (SERP).


    Google has introduce many update in their algorithm in other to keep they searchers happy by giving them best content.

  Hummingbird, pengium, and panda  has improve   google ranking factors for they users benefit.

In all, content and backlink are gaining priority which we need to focus on.


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