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7 On-Page SEO Optimization Factors - Complete Guide

   UnLike off page SEO, On- page SEO really work when properly done right, users remains in a site that address they're problem and try to show them the ease way to solve the problem.
       On-page seo is one of the essential key that can boost your site traffic and ranking factor because it keeps people navigating though your site which brings about long click (CTL).
    Know that Google want to know how valuable your content is to your readers,  that is why it is essential for you to engage them with on-page SEO  to  sends them strong signal that your content is awesome.
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   But before going deep into on-page seo let answer simple question of what is SEO


  SEO is search engine optimization.
       SEO is the process of increasing your visibility in website. SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or  typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content, and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the i of search engines. Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks or inbound links, is also SEO tactic

Each of the page and post should have its own unique title, including the main keywords for that particular page. The title tag is the clickable text that appears in the search results, which makes its optimization important for reason way beyond SEO. A less enticing title tag will never get clicks
  To keep readers engaged and navigating through your web page than let start with the first thing


    Content is what every blogger and marketers sell while industries use content to update and also  sale their product to their customers.
          They use it to make announcement about new update to keep their customers engage and happy about them 
   Google wants the user to be happy when they visit your webpage and the only way that google will know that site users are satisfied is when they're engaged and that is how long they spend reading your content
      How to produce best quality content that  kills, the content that your readers will like to go through often is not easy but the fact is that it is the best SEO you can ever have.

  They are two factors of great content

 The content is relevant to the brand/niche

       Content that is relevant has high percentage contribution to the ranking factor of that webpage, it give more details about  Brand, new product,or topic.Readers needs content that can solve their issues and they only stick to content they found great.
   As e-commence marketer or seo marketer your content should be great in other to satisfy your customers need  and convince them to buy your product.

content is link-able

     Quality backlink is another SEO strategy that a great content can fetch,that is why  it is important  you know how to gain quality backlinks with ease  for your site growth.

      Link-able website have to do with producing content that have enough knowledge about a particular topic. Many people ask for backlink from sites that are not related to their niche which is not seo friendly. When you link to content that are not in the same niche google will assume that two content is the same.

     For example if you are running a blog  about technology and your content is linked to blog post about food, google will assume that your article is about food. 

    Link to content that speaks about your niche and try to get quality backlink from authority site from your niche in order to en hence your SEO and rank higher in search engine result page (SERP).
  Avoid crappy content in order to gain backlink from authority sites 


  Basic tag for your ranking factor are 

  Tittle tag

   Title tag are displayed on SERP as headline for click, it is useful for seo ,social sharing and traffic.

Tags has 50% of your site traffic boosting  your search engine result page (SERP) 
  Keep your title tag to be 50-60 character for proper display and try to put your primary keyword in the beginning of your title tag. 

   Your  Keyword is important in your page title because it displays what your  content is all about to  readers or customers.
     When you have great title it will really increase click through rate (CTL) that has a lot of influence in your SEO ranking factor.

Description tag
      Customers want the best content that they can stick to and that is why as a blogger or marketer it is important to consider title tag and description. Beneath every title is description, it  contributes to your site traffic.  

Description tag should not be more than 160 character so that google can display it properly.

     Description tag helps google to tell your customers about your content contain enough knowledge. Good description is on page SEO that contributes 42.3% click through rate (CTL) to your site.

Put  keyword at least once in your description to avoid keyword stuffing which attracts google penalty.

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   SEO is very important for Search Engine Result Page (SERP), and internal link building is an essential aspect of on-page seo 

   It  performs two important function

 Crawlability of your site 
Google crawls your website easily by the help of internal link. Crawlability helps google to navigate to all your web page.


 Engage your customers with your content
Customers are best engaged through internal link,they always navigate through your content in search of content that answers they question.
Anchor text is the clickable text in hyperlink.

<a href="http://www.example.com">Example Anchor Text</a>
  Anchor text is another on-page seo that when not properly done can attract penalty from google  known as spammy anchor text. 
  Spammy anchor text is a link with anchor text that is not related to the page it exist on, it is black hat seo which can be used to harm your competitor through negative SEO
has external  anchor text  that is exact march and in most cases anchor text are colored.
 For more information about anchor than check this post on what is anchor text  by outreachmama

     Keyword stuffing ( keyword density ) is the things of the past but mentioning your keyword repeatedly is the things of today (keyword frequency).

   Focusing on keyword density tells google that your content may be duplicated or stuffed and that attracts punishment from google. So let your keyword density be between 2%-3% to enhance best on-page SEO.
  Now google focused on the number of times your keyword appears on your web page  as keyword frequency


 If A base the  keyword "on-page seo" once in his content  but the other  B has it 10 times, the web page that talked about the keyword "on-page SEO" is really the second person and he will rank higher.


 URL- Universal  Resource Locator is on-page seo that helps to locate the address of  web-page.
  It is important aspect of seo that should be structured to educate your customers about your site.
  Changing your URL is not advisable as it can cause your old content link  to break.

  It has been shown that short URL ranks higher in search engine result page  (SERP) but that does not mean that  long url doesn't rank high because it depends meanly on relevant of your content.

 Putting your keyword in URL is also important to help tell your readers about your site and for best seo practice


       Blog can now be use engage customer with content establish relationship with them and understand their sales channels often
  updating your content shows google that you care about it because they want to display awesome content to their customers no matter where it is from to keep them happy.
   Content update as on-page SEO also tells your customers that it is up to date and can be useful. In fact update your content freshness and healthy SEO.

  Google want to serve their customers with best content and the best way to show them your content is relevant  is by retaining and engaging your customers with  contents through internal link for best on-page SEO
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   Customers click through rate (CTR) can also be determine by your title tag, description tag that enhances ranking factor as on-pag SEO

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