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5 levels of business establishment you should know

  I recently shared a post on how to start business online in which I talked about getting a niche that interest you down to up selling method.

   Today everybody is claiming to be an entrepreneur without knowing that they are levels every serious business owner must pass through before blowing up as a successful entrepreneur.

 Here am going to show you levels of business establishments that every serious entrepreneur must pass through before calling himself an entrepreneur.

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    Entrepreneurship is not a state of mind. It’s not about thinking or feeling any particular way. It’s all about taking risks, starting a business, developing a product or service, beating the competition, and making money. If you can do that successfully for a good many years, then you’re an entrepreneur.

   Business Dictionary defined it as the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business no matter the risk in order to make a profit.

      Just do what you love, while? because you do have a better chance of being successful at something you love, If everyone is doing the same thing, it’s hard to make money from it.

    When you are interested in any particular business, read about the business, follow the successful people in the business and read enough so that you will have enough knowledge to start up your own.

   If you are not interested in particular business, do not go for it because your friends are there. that niche is broad do not mean that you will make enough money from there because you are going to face a lot of competition that you may give up on the way, so do what you love.
  Example If you want to start a blog or website educating people on Dog food, do not start blogging something else because it may not interest you and it will cause your online reputation not to be strong.

   Interest is just looking at what you can do very well while hobby is taking a step to start it up even if yo do it during leisure time

  hobby is a little bite of action, for example, you know someone that has successfully grown his affiliate marketing business and you take a step to start up yours to make money like him

    Choose your hobby and start your online business in it. interest plus hobby can give you the confidence to be more focus on the dream you have for your business. Show to people the value of your business/brand in other to get fans and customers.

     Your business grows up to get to amateur level when you consistently work on your hobby. In amateur level you know some secret about the business you started, you have gotten enough knowledge and you are know dabbling on how to master the business.

     They are always lack of professional skills, you may be making small money from the business but the money is used to build the business.
     This level is the level that every online business startups need to invest energy, time and resources in order to compete with others.

     in this level, you can take care of the business and generate income to take care of yourself, your family and day to day activities. People pay to learn from you or buy your product because your product or services can solve they problem
    Here your personal branding has started developing, your customers are now increasing and you are making a lot of money from the business.
They are things you can do to complete being a PRO:

   Constantly measure your success by determining where traffic is coming from to your site, the most visited content or product. This can give you an insight on what to do next to take your online business to the next level.

  Focus on the strategy that is working for your business and constantly practice it as your marketing strategy. Follow the pact of successful PRO in your niche and find out what they are doing, how they are doing it, that help them build trust in they business.

 Be patiently aggressive in other to beat your competitors down, example

Abraham Lincoln said Good things do come to those that wait, but only the thing left for those who hustle.

   this is someone or a brand that every body know about in the business. In this stage everybody knows about your business and brand, you have a lot of customers that buy your product.

Example in content marketing Neil Patel is among the league their own, you talk of Backlinko in terms of SEO

   online business is not easy and it is risky but you must surpass the risk by looking at the profit instead to become successful.
  It is a long term work but when established will earn you more than you work, so keep up to your awesome work, I wish you success in your business.

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