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9 white hat SEO Techniques to boost your customer conversion

    Search Engine Optimization SEO is very important for  google ranking but they are some SEO techniques that do not adhere to google terms and policies while some agree with the policy.

      White hat SEO is the search engine optimisation terms that is use to enhance search performance according to googles terms and conditions. It is also called ethical SEO because it it a long term strategy.

  Black hate seo refers to the use of aggressive seo techniques that does not obey search engine terms and condition, it only focus on search engine instead of search user

White hat SEO is the opposite of black hat SEO

 Now  keep on reading to discover  white hat seo techniques for your site traffic


        Make your content unique, relevant and have enough information to educate and answer your readers question. In formative content reduces bouncing rate that give google signal that your content is relevant and worth surface in search engine result page (SERP)

     content increase site traffic when useful, google want to serve their customers with the best content but you can rank high when you produce something that is better than your competitor.

Content that is relevant and contain appropriate keyword ranks higher and even generate traffic
   how to create high quality content that people keep on searching for is hard but the fact is that it's what marketers sale.
  SO make your content long, relevant and unique in order to dominate the search engine first page

It word taking your time to create content that sit your site apart


       Google is interest in users experience to rank a web page. Providing useful information and services that increases your user experiences a pure white hat SEO that increases your page ranking (PR).

   Scraped content reduce UX  and  attracts google penalty. it reduces long click, lowers search engine result Page.
Relevant content keeps customers coming to your site as google want to serve they users with the best content

   long click is how long people spent time Reading your article. .


        backlinks are incoming link to a web page from another webpag. Backlink is very important juice of seo as it increase  google search result page and traffic of your site.

Link building from authority website is not easy that is why you should have unique content to offer to your competitors that can add value to their content to gain backlink.

  They are also other way you can get backlinks like

     Guest posting: guest posting is good way of meeting with new customers as it give you more exposure. you can also gain backlink to your site

leaving a comment :commenting on a website related to your niche is also another way of gaining backlink that enhances SEO.


          site structure refers to how website is arranged, how individual web page are linked to one another.
 It helps google to crawl and index a site  to return it in search engine result page (SERP)

Site structure provides great sitelink and also enhances seo.

           sitelink are the listing format in SERP that shows site menu, blog, contact, About with several internal links

A good site structure means good user experience because it increases the site navigation. It points users to the relevant information


         Google has priority in mobile friendly site as an important search engine ranking factor. They value their customers and do what ever it takes to serve them better.

the use of smart phone to search the web has drastically increase than desktop that is why google are focusing on mobile friendly site to rank higher.

To check if your site is mobile friendly than use mobile friendly test. It will also show you if your site page  has crawling issue or not.


     Internal link are link that go from one page on domain to another page on the same domain.
Internal link is on page seo that contribute a lot in site crawlebility. it helps google spider to reach to all  web page in site to  enhance site SEO  juice.

   Customers are more engaged with internal link when properly done as they navigate from one site page to another reading your article.

When google spider can't reach all your content it assumed that the content you didn't link to is not great and has poor keyword targeting and will not show it on search engine result page.(SERP).


      As google rank site pages rank brain has the ability to learn and display to the users the result of keyword they're searching.
    keyword helps google rank bran to understand what your content is all about and display it to the right searcher.

   Focus on keyword frequency and try to avoid keyword stuffing to avoid google penalty and most important use keyword that is related to your brand   


       Meta tags are important white hat seo that boost click through rate  (CTR).
Title tag is the headlines of content displayed in search result.
Good title tag convinces customers that your content is good and they click to such content more.

     Description tag give short description to every content. It is below the headline. meta tag contribute to site click through rate by 30%.
 Customers wants content that answers they question that is why you have to work on your tags.

NOTE: Make your description tag to gives little insight and summery of your content.



    Planning your marketing strategy helps to grow audience,encourage brand interaction and generate lead.It helps in understanding how your customers are feeling about your content.

Marketing plan is a good white hat seo for understanding customers sale funnel, figure out the best strategy that is working.


Content that is not shareable does not generate lead and cause decline in SERP. therefore make your content to be shareable to get more viewers.

  Networking is sharing content to your customers and other people. It  best be done on social media and Email outreach to colleagues to share your content.
 Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn google+ e.t.c. are the best social media networking site now.

 Open Facebook profile to grow your audience and engage them more, understanding how they feel about your brand.


  White hat SEO is very important SEO juice that should be done in terms and conditions of google policies to avoid penalty.

   Stick to what is working for your marketing career and try to implement white hat SEO techniques that increase search engine result page. (SERP)


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 What do you find is most effective when it comes to content marketing? Let us know by commenting below


  1. It's aways true for all the time when you do seo. But I don't believe that it's really happens. You can't build a site that has all of that checklist. Never. So. what about other topic. Give a view on my site. SEO discussion: https://powerseotools.blogspot.com/

    1. Lucia
      thanks for your observation but I want to tell you that it can be don by serious marketers that want to run their carrier for a long time.
      I have also written in other topics that is awesome to study and work with that you can also check for updates.


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