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10 Marketing Habit for Business Innovations

     Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Small businesses are the backbone of our global economy. But being an entrepreneur or small business owner these days isn't easy. In fact, it can be one of the most challenging endeavors you'll ever take in your life. The competition is fierce and the stakes are high.

   To succeed; it takes determination, versatility, and knowledge and I know this articles will help your Business journey.

1.  Share useful content every week
     the mistake online business owners does is not keeping they customers updated. make sure that you share useful content every week make your customers feel valuable and caring in your business. look at they buying funnel and try to improve on it.
 Creating good content that satisfy they need and improve on how their feel about our product or services.

   Engaging them with useful content increases your chance of ranking in search engine and make them to always look up to you to solve they problem.

Understand how they feel about your product by listening to they complains, comment and  replay in person. 

2. Listen to customers  
      I once said that understanding your customers is the best key to productive therefore content that improve they experience will always bring them back to your platform.

  Get in touch with them through social media, email outreach and many others to build more strong personal relationship and understanding in every aspect of your business.
 3. Use social media to engage customers
   You can think of engaging your customers through social media like Facebook, twitter, google + LinkedIn, and other social network you are using.

  With over millions of people engaging with friends everyday you can build your platform by opening Facebook page, group, bearing the name of your brand(business) that your customers can always come and share they feeling, check for update and have a sense of feeling that your business is unique and relevant.

4. Read popular book for more inspiration
  Some business owners due say " I have done this business for years" that is good but it will be awesome you read other business ideas to improve on how you run your own business.

Read business books that can inspire your mind and improve your mind set on how to run and manage your business effectively.

 Engage yourself with successful business owners in your niche, look at what they are doing and try to learn from them to grow your internet business.

5. Offer Discount/special offer
   there are thing to look at in this aspect,look at the different discount that is suitable for  you, weather it is total free discount or percentage discount.

 but above all setting up discount is good but don't give large discount because it make customers feel that your business is not legit but cheap.

  Customers don't need large discount, you can give them 50%, 30% discount and more to give them the feeling that you are not playing prank on them.

this feature can also be added to discount tag if you have one where you can option of showing a picture of the free gift and specifying how much the customer will spend in other to get the gift

6. Add testimonials
 testimonies convinces customer that your business is legit and can help they own to grow, a website testimonial showcases the quality and success of a site's product or services. testimonials often come directly from customers and serve as a successful marketing method
Testimonials can be very powerful for helping to establish trust and encourage visitors to buy, sign up, fill out a form, or take whatever action you are after

7. Network with other business
    Connect with other business owner and partner with them. Ask them to help share your product to they customers and collect backlink especial if you are running in the same niche.
this can be difficult because the colleague is your competitor but you can build trust over time and start sharing content within yourselves.

8. Send email  outreach 
      Before sending email outreach, I recommend you have relevant content that can add value to your customers need, what can educate them and find answer to their question.

 Be creative to attract high open rate and customers focus. write short pitch and spend time on your subject line to make your email message(pitch) awesome to increase open rate.

above all know what your business can offer them that they can't get in another place , think about what your business is and highlight it in your subject line.

9. Ask your customers for feedback
  this is important because it get you closer to your customers more and more.
you can use the various means I listed in this article and get the feedback but don't forget to ask them for feedback.
 customers feel more caring when you ask them for feedback and that get help you understand them better
10.  Thank your customer
 So many marketers or business owners make a mistake of not appreciating their customers after buying their product. Make relationships with those who buy your products or services.



It has been our pleasure to serve your company over the past three years. We want you to know that we truly value your business and appreciate your prompt payments.

Your cooperation has helped to keep our operation run smoothly and has led to a profitable relationship between our two companies.

We look forward to many more years of working with you, and wish your company the success that it deserves.

Sincerely, (Name)

  Marketing habit must be address to enhance customers relationship and increase brand awareness, business and companies must work on they selling funnel in other to understand they customers better and engage them with useful content as I have listed in this post

If you have something to say about marketing habit you are free to express your feelings by dropping comment in comment box below
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