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A Complete Introduction to digital marketing for newbies


    looking at digital marketing today, it is gradually improving and increasing by giving an opportunity for small brand to increase their business brand and awareness.

Beside due to the increase in digital marketing,    the effectiveness of traditional marketing are reducing because through online you can buy and sell your product and services. You can also market  and communication with your customer and gain new customers to your business, you can convert a visitor into a potential customer as a digital marketer.

        But before we fire on  let look at the meaning of digital marketing;
     Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of product
     or service using digital technologies mainly on internet but also 
     including mobile phone,display ads,and other digital media.
          It comprises all the means of online marketing which help businesses and brand to increase their brand and reaching to more through various ways using technology.
   Digital marketing comprises the following:


     Email marketing is the art of sending to a potential customer or new customer an email for business purposes in order to create awareness to the customer about new product or services.Email marketing is very effective in the world of internet marketing because of it's ability to keep the customer engage and make them valuable in the business so in digital marketing it is good to collect your customers email to keep them up to date always.
                SEO which  means Search Engine Optimization is meanly associated with website and blog,it  plays an  important role in making your blog/website  more visible  and seen when search using the keyword and your brand name.      
     Few examples of SEO include:
    link building
    page ranking
   mobile search  
   content and keyword optimization
    site speed etc.
       SEM: This means Search Engine Marketing, it involves in ranking your website visibility in search engine result [SERP].
       Few examples of SEM include:
     Bing ads
     pay per click (ppc)
     mobile search advertising
   Content marketing is the marketing approach which is based on creating valuable,relevant content, product and services to stimulate your customers interest and turn them from visitors to potential customers. It has a lot to do with creating content that provides answers to their questions and also provide A HA moment for them. Content marketing in digital marketing is one of the most important aspect for marketer and website owners.

            Social media marketing is another important aspect  of digital marketing that deals with the use of social media funnel such as twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram etc. to create awareness about a brand or product and also gains loyalty, runs target ads with meaningful result, generate higher conversion lead.It can also increase  website traffic and ranking.Therefore social  media is an important platform for digital marketing.   

                   Influence marketing is the act of researching and providing people with support which generate high impact based on conversion with customer about your product and services. This also gives room for brands  to market toward small business and generate traffic.

              E-commence marketing is also another aspect of digital marketing that deals with driving sales by raising awareness about online store brand and product offering.Therefore e-commence marketing explains the act of buying and selling product and services online which is another aspect of digital marketing.

      Data driven marketing is the art of marketing insight and decision that comes up through the analysis of data from your customers sale funnel.This digital  marketing aspect also contribute a lot in conversion of visitors into a potential customer as it gives you the ideas of the marketing strategy that is working and the ones that are not working.It also help you to drive reasonable data from your customers sale funnel which will boost your relationship with your customers.

                                      LIFE OF A DIGITAL MARKETER
              To be a digital marketer you must possess the following characteristics:
  PASSION:You must have passion for  digital marketing  because if you don't you will not enjoy this aspect of marking reason been that you  have a lot to do and to cut across so many noise in other to standout in your marketing career. Note that without passion you are going to give up in difficult aspect of marketing.So I advice you to pick one niche and follow up in your marketing career which your heart accept.
               PEOPLE INTERACTION:Good interaction and social skills is a very important characteristic of a digital marketer,good communication skills and interaction makes your  customer to feel more valuable and engaged with your services.To have good communication skills you must
          Build up your confidence interacting with each other
          Develop strong communication skills without having fear

              CREATIVITY: As a digital marketer you must strive to be creative and observant to understand and follow the changes in marketing.This changes can be from google update, algorithm.this also involve thinking, producing,and bring new strategy from your customers sale funnel and social media awareness to increase sales and brand awareness.

INNOVATION: Innovation is another characteristics of a good content marketer which involves constant creation of  more effective process,product and ideas
     this means that as a marketer you need to have a good innovation, tell a story in your content, make it  long in other to make your content deeper.

        HARD WORK: Hard working as a digital marketer can be in the form of being open to learn, staying focused, never giving up in other to stand out.
     Remember that as a newbie in the world of digital marketing that you have a lot to do before you can standout from the crowd.


         -Digital marketing gives you more insight about your customers sale funnel and also to understand the strategy that is perfectly working in your business.
         -It create great awareness about a brand,service and product to greater number of people through social network  such Facebook, Twitter,Linkedin,which lead to generating more traffic to your website or blog.
        -It makes customer feel  valued because of the 24/7 support
        -Digital marketing can also fetch you double of your salary


        Digital marketing can be frustrating and stressful a times but it takes passion, creativity, and hard work to win the challenges in online marketing. Therefore as a newbies i advice you to pick one niche and master it, it is possible to blog about every thing but remember that jack of all trade is master of non.
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      I will also appreciate it if you have something to add to this content
       just drop comment.

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